screenshotWelcome to Virtual Horse Racing, the top resource for anyone wanting to bet on virtual horseracing. Many online bookmakers let punters bet on virtual races – our site will help you find the best odds.

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screenshotVirtual horse racing is ideal for betting fans, as races are more frequent and reliable than real horse racing, but just as exciting. Online bookies compete to bring punters the best odds on these animated races.

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4 Star Dean Harris said:

I have to admit I made a few bad bets here and there but the winnings made up for quite a few of those. I liked the simplicity of the game and everything was easy to find. A nice little experience for my first time trying virtual races.

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History of Virtual Horse Racing

screenshotFor as long as there has been horse racing, there have been punters wanting to bet on it.

Horse betting is centuries old and, despite competition from plenty of newer sports, is still a favourite with punters in the UK. However, bookies and bettors alike always wished there were more races to choose from, and grew frustrated when races were affected by injuries or bad weather. In recent years, the ideal solution has been found: virtual horseracing.

Virtual horse racing involves animated horses and jockeys competing on a virtual track. Many online bookies offer different odds on the same simulated races, and if your horse wins, you can collect a cash prize; basically, it's not that different to the real-life horse racing you might see at Ascot, Cheltenham or Aintree. The main difference is that the results are determined automatically rather than being based on the jockey's talent or the horse's performance.