About Virtual Horse Racing

What is virtual horseracing?

screenshotVirtual horse racing is basically an animated version of the thrilling races that take place at famous racecourses such as Aintree, Ascot or Cheltenham.

In fact, virtual horse racing has its own special courses, such as Steepledowns and Portman Park. The horses – complete with jockeys – vie for first place around an oblong track. Punters can visit an online bookmaker to place bets on which competitor they think will be victorious, and each has odds based on their likelihood of winning. They can then watch these short virtual races on their computer screen, and if their bet is successful, watch the money roll in.

Advantages of animation

It's easy to see why virtual horse racing is so popular, as it boasts several advantages over the real-world equivalent:

  • Races are held every couple of minutes, usually from early morning to late evening, so there are plenty to choose from and there's no waiting around.
  • Virtual horse racing is never called off due to bad weather, and so takes place all year round.
  • Horses are not affected by injury, illness or age, and of course no animals are harmed.
  • Like any online betting, wins are instant, with credit sent straight to your account.

Most virtual horse racing results are generated at random; each horse has a different computer-generated likelihood of winning, and will have odds to reflect this. However, this should not be confused with multiplayer virtual horse racing games – in these versions, players can buy, breed and train a horse to perform better, and choose their jockeys too, so bettors should do their research before placing bets on these virtual races.

Virtual horseracing at online bookmakers

Several top online bookies feature the same virtual horse races. They will therefore have to offer you an incentive to choose their site over any other – great odds, betting offers and new member bonuses are common. On the Virtual Horse Racing website, we display all the top choices and also provide a comments section where your fellow punters can review their favourite bookies. Just click through to the site of your choice, and you can start betting on virtual horse racing in minutes.