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Virtual horse racing trumps wintry conditions

Posted by Phil Grant on the 16th of November

Winter highlights virtual racing advantages With December approaching and the cold weather drawing in, many racing meetings are likely to fall foul of the frost and leave frustrated punters unable to bet. It is in situations like this that virtual horse racing really comes into its own. Safety is naturally a big...

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World's greatest racehorse Frankel begins retirement

Posted by Zainab Babalabs on the 8th of November

Frankel goes into retirement Champion horse Frankel has begun his retirement, leaving the stables of Sir Henry Cecil to be put to stud in an attempt to breed the next world class horse. After racing for the last time last month and collecting win number 14 from 14 races, the elite racehorse...

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Join Virtual Raceclubs at Ladbrokes

Posted by Jack Edwards on the 18th of October

Train your own horse to bet on If the excitement of betting on a single virtual horse race is not enough for you, Ladbrokes may be able to offer something that will provide an extra layer of excitement in the form of their Virtual Raceclubs. Here, the horse you bet on in...

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Popular mobile app adds virtual horseracing

Posted by Rachel Zidane on the 5th of October

Popular mobile app New Star Soccer introduces a virtual horse racing option to be enjoyed by players.

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Is Frankel the greatest racehorse ever?

Posted by Barry Boardman on the 3rd of September

Frankel is without doubt the best racehorse of a generation. Can he become the greatest ever?

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