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Chinese bid to rival UK horse racing

Posted by Michael Moose on the 3rd of October

The Chinese authorities have hired Peter Philips, the eldest grandchild of the Queen, to launch a horse racing industry as competitive as that of Britain. Philips flew to Beijing last week and launched the China Jockey Club, a body created to run the country's horse racing industry. Launched on Monday...

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One-eyed wonder horse wins Derby

Posted by Jenny Putain on the 8th of September

A one-eyed wonder horse has won the Derby, called Adventure de Kannan, and ridden by Trevor Breen, it is the first time a rider has won that Derby on a one-eyed horse. The Derby has fences which reach over 5ft foot in height, making it a challenge for just...

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Millionaire wants horse racing to thrive in China

Posted by Johnny Clay on the 30th of July

A Chinese millionaire has announced that he wants to transform his country into a global horse racing powerhouse, despite gambling being illegal in the mainland. The ruling Communist government are also said to frown upon horse racing itself due to its association with western culture. Ren Ningning, who made his riches...

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Horses saved from certain doom

Posted by Marcus Long on the 3rd of June

Horses across the globe have been saved from peril and danger, as rescues take place in both the UK and America.

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Grand National 2014 provides exciting spectacle

Posted by Fred Redman on the 11th of April

This year’s Grand National provided an exciting exhibition for all involved as both favourites failed to finish first.

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