Is Benji Bullet the worst racehorse in the world?

Wests Tigers owned racehorse easily beaten again

A racehorse by the name of Benji Bullet has been disappointing prestigious owners the Wests Tigers, with a number of convincing defeats.

Several of the players and staff at the Australian rugby league side have a stake in the horse, hoping to recreate their pace on the pitch. However, the horse has failed to win a single race, with a number of last place finishes. The last outing for Benji Bullet saw the horse finish a staggering 32 lengths behind the rest of the field, leaving a number of Tigers players bemoaning the efforts of their forlorn steed.

Assistant Coach Royce Simmons commented: "It's hopeless. Even I'd beat him in a foot race over 25m. I was glad I went to England for two years because I was sick of the losing." One of the players not involved with the horse remarked: "Even if I had a share, I would have sold it a long time ago."

So far Benji has taken part in 32 races, without a single victory and just ten places. His trainer, Mick Mair spoke of this beleaguered horse, commenting: "He can gallop, he just doesn't like to do it on race day. The team have never come to watch him, because he's never given them a reason to."

Virtual horse racing offers a chance of victory

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Watch a superb try from the Wests Tigers, showing the kind of speed it seems Benji Bullet could only dream of: