World's greatest racehorse Frankel begins retirement

Frankel goes into retirement

Champion horse Frankel has begun his retirement, leaving the stables of Sir Henry Cecil to be put to stud in an attempt to breed the next world class horse.

After racing for the last time last month and collecting win number 14 from 14 races, the elite racehorse returns to his birthplace of Banstead Manor to begin his stud career in 2013. Frankel has been valued at £100m, and will command a stud fee of £100,000 a time.

Sir Henry said the retirement was a sad day, commenting he was: "pretty certain that there has never been a better or more talented" horse. He went on to say he wanted to thank the horse "for being such a very special part of my training career. Thank you, Frankel."

The ownership of Frankel remains with the Saudi Prince, Khalid Abdulla. With over £3m earned from the horse already through prize money, Frankel is clearly going to be the gift that keeps on giving for Abdulla as the horse begins his studding career. His final race was as a 2/11 winner of the Champion Stakes at Ascot.

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