Rejected horse is not lovin' it

Can lead a horse to McDonalds, but you can't make it eat

A woman has been fined for taking her horse into a Greater Manchester McDonalds; in search of a McFlurry.

Police said the unnamed woman was initially turned away from the drive-through section of the fast food restaurant, before going through the doors with the animal. A Greater Manchester Police spokesman revealed that a number of customers inside the building were anxious as a result of the horse, which caused a scene by "doing its business" on the floor.

In addition to this equine companion, a young girl on a pony was also observed in the drive-through, although she did not lead her animal inside with the older woman.

The woman claimed that she had visited the McDonalds with the horse several times before, and that he was a particular fan of McFlurry's.

A spokesperson for McDonald's s confirmed it was unable to serve customers on horseback and asked customers to avoid any repeat of this unusual incident.

When asked to respond, the horse added: "Neigh comment."

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