Popular mobile app adds virtual horseracing

Virtual horseracing addition to popular app

New Star Soccer, one of the most popular available smartphone apps, has added virtual horseracing in its latest update.

The game itself sees the user attempt to reach the top of the world of professional football, with plenty of action off the pitch as well as on it. This includes a virtual casino, and now a virtual horseracing stables. Gamers can bet on races with a range of different stakes, as well as buying and selling their own horses. These horses are ranked between one and five stars, with the star ranking having an influence on their performance and as a result the odds on them being victorious.

Whether your player is contracted to Corby Town or Barcelona, they can earn money towards a wager on the virtual horses or even buy one of their own. Once a horse has been purchased the user is able to race it and collect virtual prize winnings to further the progress of your superstar.

Growing popularity of virtual horseracing

The inclusion of virtual horse races in such a popular app only goes to demonstrate the increased interest in virtual horses online. More and more users are turning to this form of betting online, enjoying the instant thrill that comes with a virtual race.

Use our website to find top racing locations

While this game is not for real prizes, the increased popularity for virtual bets on horse racing has caused a large increase in the number of websites offering the product for real money. This website searches through the available locations online, ignoring the non-runners and only providing you with those of the highest pedigree.