The year of the Horse

Google has created a horse doodle for the special occasion featuring a girl on a rocking horse and a boy holding Chinese lanterns and fire crackers.

2013 was the year of the snake and this will come to an end on the 31st of January as China see in the year of the horse for 2014. China goes by the lunar calendar based upon the cycles of the moon, with animals representing the new year on a 12 year cycle.

Just like in England, Chinese families reunite at each other’s homes and celebrate the coming year together. They have a traditional dinner and decorate windows with red paper cut outs and set off fire crackers. They also fully clean their homes to get rid of any sins that may be lurking around.

The holiday is centuries old and is mainly celebrated across mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

You may have heard that at Chinese New Year people give children red envelopes as a tradition. They do this as it is deemed to be ‘lucky money’ and the colour red symbolises fire and is supposed to drive away bad luck.


Where as in England we have star signs to show horoscopes based on which month of the year you were born, in China it depends on which year you are born. The children that are born in the Year of the Horse are said to be cheerful, skilful with money, perceptive and witty.

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