Horse takes shelter in owner’s house

A horse that took shelter in his owner’s house during the winter storms in Germany just won’t stop coming back.

The three year old Arabian horse named Nasar, decided that he prefers the comforts of a human house to that of his stables, and now finds wandering around the house a better use of his time than being out in the field.

Owner, Stephanie Arndt said in a statement to Die Weltnewspaper: “He is not a fan of the wind and the rain, Nasar is extremely curious”.

In a series of pictures, Arndt has caught her beloved horse galloping around the house, drinking fresh juice from a glass and even trying his hoof at the keyboard –but alas he was not the best player.

Nasar was first moved into the house during the storms that hit Flensburg in December; since then he has managed to acquire his own room filled with hay.

Mrs Arndt also said that Nasar has become accustomed to human treats and regularly eats sweets.

The owner still has a small amount of control over the homely steed, who is only allowed to roam the house during the day before he is put back to the stables at night, which is unsurprisingly a tough task.

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