Horses saved from certain doom

This month has been a heart-warmer for horse lovers, as reports appear online about the rescue of several trapped trotters.

One of these horses was found in East Sussex, Mayfield, England while the others were rescued in Miami County, Ohio, USA.

The Mayfield horse had become trapped below a bridge earlier this month. At 3.48pm on Tuesday May 20th, Firefighters received a call out to Witherendean Road.

This call established the problem of a trapped mare beneath the bridge. To try to move the animal, the fire crews from Mayfield, the animal rescue unit and 4x4 vehicle from Crowborough were sent to the scene.

Measuring over 16 hands, the horse was freed and left in the care of a vet. East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said it was proud to serve in the line of duty.

Yet more rescues happened across the pond, where floods lead to many frightened horses being trapped inside a barn.

Local volunteers pitched in right away to rescue all the horses trapped in one of the livestock barns at the Miami County Fairgrounds.

The water levels rose to as high as the barn gates. The horses were at one point close to full submersion.

About eight people moved four horses into a trailer before the water got too high. Those horses which did not fit in the trailer had to be moved elsewhere. They were led down the road, through rising water to other trailers and barns on the fairgrounds.

After the flood, the fairgrounds only calamity was the loss of a lot of sawdust that it uses for bedding, horse feed and to make particle board. Away from the debris, all the horses had been saved.

And they're off!

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