How to bet on virtual horse racing

What to do before each race

In many ways, betting on virtual horse racing is much the same as placing a wager on a real life race. To help you get started, we present this quick look at what the average virtual horse race consists of.

Firstly, you must decide whether you wish to place a 'win' or 'place' bet. The latter would see your selection appear anywhere within the top three, and it is important to note that if you make this bet and your chosen horse wins the race, you are paid out based on the place odds and not the win odds.

You can switch between both sets of odds and choose to view them in either fractional or decimal form, then make your selections by clicking on the stake you'd like, followed by the horse you wish to back. There is often also the option of a 'forecast' bet, which involves correctly predicting the order the top two or three horses will finish.

When you reach the race screen, you can see your betting slip at one side, which will allow you to keep track of all the outcomes you have covered during the contest. Many sites allow you the option to skip the full race and simply watch a photo finish to see what you've won.

Playing online allows for quicker betting, with options available to repeat your last bet or 'auto bet' a select number of races so that you can simply place the same wager on each race, sit back and watch what happens.

Find the best virtual horse racing sites

If all this sounds like exactly what you're looking for, let Virtual Horse Racing help you find the best places to bet. You can browse our selection, including some of the country's best-known online bookmakers, and choose where you'd like to play.

We include customer ratings to help you with your choice, as well as details of signup deals offered by most companies. Some will also let you try out the races for free first, so you can see if the experience matches your requirements before parting with any money.