Slip and Slide

On December 8th at 2pm crew from the Greater Manchester fire and rescue service were called to a canal in Leigh, responding to reports of a horse trapped in the canal. When they got to the scene the animal appeared extremely distressed, as was the injured woman sat at the edge of the water.

The woman riding Honey, the six year old mare, was found lying injured roughly 300 metres away from her horse when the firefighters turned up. The crews from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) were alerted on the case on Sunday, December 8. They were called to the Leeds Liverpool Canal near to Pennington Flash with reports of a horse had fallen into the canal.

When the firefighters arrived the crowd that had started to escalate were attempting to reach the horse that was stuck in the canal.

Ben Levey, the station manager said that the horse was troubled when crews arrived: “We worked alongside a vet who sedated the horse so that we could safely remove the mare. A local farmer turned up with a tractor which we went on to use to lift the horse up so that we could get a sling underneath the animal.”

She then went on to say “we tied the slings to the fork lift of the tractor and then the crews from Eccles’ Water Incident Unit – who are specially trained in rescuing large animals – safely lifted the horse from the water.”

The rider who was worried about her horse’s condition was treated by colleagues from the North West Ambulance Service and with the firfighters help she was carried to the ambulance before being taken to hospital.

Although the circumstances aren’t great, thankfully nobody else was injured. People were trying to go in and get hold of the horse, putting their lives at threat.

“The firefighters urge the public never to attempt to rescue an animal or person in open water as it is a big risk to take.”

The woman was taken to hospital with chest injuries and the horse, when rescued, went on to be treated by a vet. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

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