The horse races that never were

The advantages of Virtual Horse Racing

Perhaps the main advantage Virtual Horseracing has over real racing is reliability. As races go on right throughout the day, you won't have to wait around long before your next opportunity to bet, while virtual racing will never need to be abandoned.

Even some of the UK's most famous races have sometimes had to call things to a halt on the day, disappointing bookmakers and thousands of spectators. Here are a few of the more famous instances.

The Grand National

As the one race that regularly attracts casual betters, the Grand National is a lucrative day for bookmakers. The 1990s proved to be a difficult decade for the Aintree showcase, with two races adversely affected in very different ways.

1993 will forever be known as 'the race that never was', as chaos reigned over the National. Two false starts disrupted the race, with the second one going unnoticed by all but nine of the jockeys. Esha Ness came in first, but the race was eventually declared void, and organisers elected not to re-run it. This marked one of the biggest bookmaker casualties in the event's history, as they were forced to refund some £75 million worth of bets.

Then, in 1997, a much more serious incident occurred as the course had to be evacuated after reports of an IRA bomb threat. Ticket holders famously stayed with local families as they waited for news, with the race eventually run on the Monday and won by Lord Gyllene.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup

Despite being one of the biggest events in the racing calendar, the Cheltenham Gold Cup has also suffered its share of setbacks, with the 1978 race called off due to an unseasonal amount of snow.

The 2001 race was another write-off, this time due to the foot and mouth outbreak that was seriously endangering British livestock. This was of course another logistical nightmare for bookmakers.

Virtual Horseracing never fails

None of those events will ever happen in a virtual horse race. That's why punters have taken to it with open arms, so take a look at our collection of the best virtual horse racing sites and try it for yourself.