Virtual horse fetches $5,225

Five-man bidding war for computerised competitor

For some people, simply betting on a virtual horse race is not enough. Some sites allow you to set up your own virtual stable, train horses and enter them in races, aiming to create an accurate simulation of horse ownership. This craze reached new heights in July 2012 when one punter reportedly bought a virtual horse for $5,225 (£3,340).

This staggering purchase seems remarkable enough, but the story takes a further twist with the news that Demonic Hamonic had not even been entered in a race when he was put up for auction.

You may think that it would be hard to attract takers for an apparently random virtual horse. It appears this is not the case, as five people entered into a furious bidding war that was only halted by the arrival of the auction time limit. Virtual horses normally only change hands for as little as $15 (£9.60).

The horse could now be entered in virtual races worldwide, just as soon as it has received enough training from its new owner to reach the required standard.

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