Online betting

Online betting: a step-by-step guide

screenshotGetting started with online betting is easy. In just four steps you could be betting – and winning – on virtual horse racing:

  1. Choose your preferred online bookmaker, and create an account there.
  2. If you're playing virtual horse racing, choose your course, your race and your horse carefully, and decide how much you'd like to stake.
  3. Your choices will be added to a betting slip, where you can edit them before the race begins.
  4. Watch the race, and if your horse finishes first, you'll see winnings (based on your odds) being transferred to your account.

How odds work

If you're new to online betting, the virtual horse racing odds can seem a little daunting, but in reality it's very simple. If the odds are 4/1, and you bet one pound, your winnings would be £5 – it's a ratio of four for every one you bet, plus the original pound you bet is refunded. So if you bet £5 with the same odds, you would win £25; to get to grips with what all the different odds would pay out, we find a calculator always comes in handy.

Virtual horseracing tips

In any online betting, it's important to remember that shorter odds (where the ratio is smaller) are given to the outcomes that the bookmaker feels are most likely. Longer odds (such as 10/1 or above) will be less likely, but of course will bring you some big payouts if that horse wins. Betting is all about weighing up the risks, so close examination of the odds is a vital step for beginners.

There are also some online betting tips to bear in mind when choosing your bookies. You'll need to check the minimum and maximum stakes, what type of virtual horse racing is being offered, and what times the races are. You could also make use of an online bookmaker sign up bonus, which is often tantamount to free money; check out our home page for all the latest new member deals.